Bulk purchase of carpet tableau

Wholesale purchase of machine-made carpet tableau or wholesale distribution of machine-made carpet tableau Narsis is one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of machine-woven and printed carpet tableau (Claris and Sublimation) in Kashan, Aran, Bidgol and all cities of Iran. Narsis Company, with its most experienced technical and design staff in the field of designing and converting photos into carpet tableau, you can choose and buy your desired designs at the production price from Narsis Company.

To get advice and get more information about the price and how to order a high-quality machine-made carpet tableau at a reasonable price, completely competitive among other manufacturers, please contact the contact numbers of the commercial and sales department of Narsis Carpet Company. or complete the form related to the bulk purchase of carpet tableau; Our sales experts will contact you.


Completion of the free consultation form for the bulk purchase of carpets