export of narsis carpet machine carpet

iran’s machine carpet exports to Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Oman, Dubai, Kuwait, all European, Asian and African countries are carried out through the export of Narcis Carpet.

machine-made carpets are exported from Iran to all over the world as a Locus product. narsis machine carpet is the largest collection that has been active in exporting machine carpets from Iran to all parts of the world.

the export of machine-made carpets is known as one of the first ranks of Iran’s exports, and the export of this product increases every year, because the international demand is suitable for every part of society and its culture, with special designs for the needs of today’s society. compared to hand-woven carpets, machine-made carpets are very diverse in terms of color and design, and in the shortest possible time, a large number of desired designs can be produced in a year, but hand-woven carpets have such a relativity and at least between one board or four boards per year. It can be produced from a desired design.

Iran’s machine-made carpet industry, whose main hub of machine-made carpet producers is located in the city of Kashan, Aran and Bidgol. more than thousands of manufacturing companies and more than eight thousand young and experienced workers are working in this industry with the latest machine carpet machines in the world. due to the fact that Iran is known as the cradle of machine and handwoven carpet production in the world, there is still a need to be more familiar with the new designs of this industry in order to be able to respond to the needs of buyers in the world.

manufacturers design and produce a wide range of machine carpet designs in Sulaiman Sabahi Industrial Town in Aran and Bidgol based on different qualities, low, medium, high and super high to meet a wide range of customers around the world. currently, Iran’s position in the world’s machine carpet exports has dropped a lot compared to the past.

but exporting machine-made carpets can be a great investment for businessmen and those who have the ability to do so. If you need advice and guidance on the export of machine-made carpets, please contact Narsis Carpet’s commercial department.

machine carpet export checklists in 2022

the raw materials of the machine carpet produced with it:

the key attraction of a good machine-made carpet for export is the point you should pay attention to. exporting carpets to any country requires market research, because if the export carpet is not chosen correctly, it may cause you irreparable damage in the expenses incurred. to avoid this type of damage, it is better to consult with a commercial expert before exporting the machine carpet. for example: what kind of fibers are used in this carpet? heatset acrylic or BCF. the higher the quality of the carpet, the higher the price will be.

machine carpet size for export

the size of the car carpet that you want to choose and buy for export, try to match the taste of the buyers of that country. The best thing to do before buying is to do a market research in that country, which you can use to advance your goals. . to avoid heavy costs before exporting the machine carpet.

export price of machine carpet

the export price of Kashan machine-made carpet in Narsis Carpet Company is based on the quality of yarn used in its weave, the amount of comb and the density of the machine carpet based on 700 comb density of 2550, 1000 comb density of 3000, 1200 comb density of 3600 and 1500 comb density of 4550 Each of which will have an effect on the final price of the selected machine carpet.

the cost of exporting machine carpets

the transportation cost of the machine carpet export is equal to the amount of purchased carpet, one container or several containers, in the next step after the transportation cost, the destination of the machine carpet export is what you should consider. for example, sea, air and land transportation docks will affect its price. narcis carpet helps you in identifying these costs in export.

the international code of import and export of machine carpet HS-CODE

the international product code for the export of machine-made carpets is introduced as specifying the details of the product between the exporting and importing countries. in all global markets, buyers and sellers use the international commodity code known as HS-CODE in their sales invoices.